Regulus in aquarius astrology

Fixed Star Regulus in Virgo

Even the many Varga or harmonic charts, such as the Navamsa and Dasamsa, although derived charts, have their ultimate basis in the Rasi chart and are thus based upon real physical, astronomical positions. The cluster of the Seven Sisters or the Pleiades, the stars of the great Scorpion, and the Big Dipper that points the way to the Pole Star, look much the same today as they did to our ancient ancestors.

There are a total of 88 constellations in the heavens, as defined by modern-day astronomers. Only 12 of these however are used in astrology. Because astrologers are mainly concerned with the constellations that fall close to the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun around the Earth in reality the path of the Earth around the Sun.

The zodiac is defined as a band of space that extends about 8 to 9 degrees on either side of the ecliptic. All of the visible planets will always be found within this band.

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Degrees north or south of the ecliptic are called celestial latitude and are similar to the bands of latitude that we use here on terra firma or Mother Earth. However, as it is the closest 1 st magnitude star to the early degrees of Gemini, it was probably taken by ancient astrologers to denote Ardra for this reason. It is important to note here that when using individual fixed stars, astrologers do not limit themselves to the confinement of the zodiacal belt, but make use of stars from all over the vast heavens and the many extra-zodiacal constellations. He had a Libra lagna with Mars conjunct Regulus in the 11 th house of gains and friends.

Important Fixed Stars

This combination led to not only gains from his voice but gave him abundant opportunities in life and friends in high places. Venus with Regulus can also give friends and partners in prominent postions, but is supposed to lead to disappointments in love affairs. Venus in the 12 th is.

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Planetary conjunctions with stars can also be used in mundane charts to help make predictions about current events. New testament is another matter entirely. He goes on to say;.

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They are still in power. They are still in control…. Oh, yeah?

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Could Regulus crossing this symbolic sphinx cusp, Leo to Virgo, herald the age of Aquarius? Many astrologers speculate that Virgo will teach Leo to put aside. These four Royal Stars used to grace the fixed signs of the zodiac, Antares – Scorpio, Regulus- Leo, Formalhaut- Aquarius, and Aldebaran Taurus, but as the .

The above article was probably written in more naive times. You think these women are going bring peace on earth? Can we shift from service-to-self to a service-to-others mentality? Loyality, loyality and more loyality, this is the number one demand of their loved ones. The last years has seen more bloodshed in wars than any other period. That was just before Regulus shifted into Virgo, but it will be interesting to see the graph in another 10 years time. They are good at medicating those who are grieving. Leo rules the heart. We are all one yes, but we are all unique individuals also.

But it could also be our downfall. Currently then, some of us are probably going through a stage of self-medicating to get over the trauma we suffer from ongoing media manipulation, fear-mongering and lies.

an inspired Thoth based tarot deck by M.M. Meleen

Many other stars have changed signs due to precession, but I think Regulus is one of the most important since it is so close to the ecliptic and is an archangel star. So thinking in a civic sense and working to build working, harmonious communities is essential. Self-segregation seems to be happening as Leo tribes quietly keep to their own.


With 21st century Regulus, the risk of downfall is only great if one resorts to displaying excess pride, ego-mania, arrogance, and most of all the famous Regulus revenge. It is said that the higher these Lions climb, the bigger the risk of falling from grace. There is nothing wrong with genuine self-love and confidence! Being the best and aiming for excellence is almost frowned upon those days.

Regulus Into Virgo

Evolved Regulus is about dissolving away all the false masks imposed on us by society and and getting to the essence of our true sovereign-self. In order to do that, Regulus also has to wrestle with its bestial, knee-jerk reactions.

Babalon and Regulus: Leo into Virgo, or the Woman riding the Lion

He is strongest within his family pack, so connection and pride of ones ancestors is vital. Regulus into Virgo means that women are the gate-keepers to the next generation, with birth control they have more say now wether we even have a next generation! Virgo is said to be a barren sign and the results of birth-control have had a huge effect on western civilisation. We were also told that population growth was not environmentally friendly!

Elton has sold over million records which ranks him as one of the most successful singer-songwriters of all time and received an knighthood for services to music and charity. Elton has had his fair share of Regulus dramas though and battling addictions to alcohol and cocaine. Now we know him better, all the Regulus traits are there, good and bad. This high-class Madame made a mint by hosting sex parties in suburban south-west London. Woody Allen ; A good example of the downfall aspect of Regulus. Woody was brought down by allegations of sexual misconduct with his adoptive children made by his ex-wife Mia Farrow.

Helena Bonham Carter; British actress famous for her many roles in costume dramas, usually as a member of the aristocracy wearing posh frocks and huge elaborate hairdos. If with Sun, Moon or Jupiter, great honor and ample fortune. Jimmy Page; Rock singer with wild blond mane.

List of Fixed Stars and Degrees

Monica has Venus on Regulus! Dorothy Parker; Writer who was a notorious drinker and known for her wild behaviour. Mother Theresa; Too holy to be disgraced.. A writer before his time who is now quite a cult figure. Keith Moon; The greatest rock and roll drummer burnt out with a drugs overdose at Make women high spirited and independent. Cheiro; Shows the ability of Regulus to prophecy and the occult interests of this placement. Richard Branson; Founder of the multi-platform business Virgin which is appropriately named now that Regulus has moved into Virgo.

Dolly Parton; Queen of country with a huge mane of gold hair and flamboyant clothes. Freddy Mercury; How Regulus can you get!? Lead singer of Queen Mercury rules voice. Michael Jackson; King of Pop but also brought down by accusations of pedophilia.

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Uranus is also transiting the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, which could involve smashing apart of existing structures but also sudden freedom. Elias Canetti. Alice James. Now you are scared to try again, instinctively believing that somehow you will be disregarded and hurt once more. Diane Arbus. Verbal conflict and confrontation are not enjoyable to you though you will engage in them when you feel they are required. Rather than sulking about the difficulties you encounter, you concentrate on eradicating them.