October 29 weekly horoscope

Your October 29, 2018 Weekly Horoscope Is Here & Venus Retrograde Is Not Messing Around

Part of you wants peace and quiet, while another part wants to shake things up. Find healthy escapes that, at the very least, transport your mind. Venus has her own run-in with Uranus, reinforcing the friction between your desire to let go and drift and your itch for adventure. With Mars irking Neptune and Pluto, you might take ill-advised action that affects a relationship. These transits can cause you to misfire when aiming at your passions and ideals.

Keep tabs on your subconscious motives and be willing to modify your behavior.

Your Horoscope for the Week of October 29

The new moon offers the perfect excuse to begin a spiritual practice, go on a retreat, start a dream journal, download a sleep app and let go of something or someone for your own peace of mind. After your ruling planet, Mercury, gets back into gear in your network zone, you can repair any damage done by misunderstandings in your squad, on social media or in another group.

Friction related to pooled resources, trust, money or jealousy is common with this transit. Your lovely ruling planet, Venus, has her own spat with Uranus, hinting that someone might catch you by surprise — or you might hook up with a platonic pal! Try to enjoy the moment without reading too much into it. And if an individual is acting fickle or detached, give them some space.

Sex, sharing and interdependence can trip you up now. Focus on fostering mutually beneficial bonds, learning what you can from others and allowing them room to be themselves. Your health, mood, daily duties or family obligations can interfere with teamwork, due to discord between Mars, Neptune and Pluto, so be prepared to multitask. But the new moon in your network sector alludes to making new friends and professional contacts, joining an organization and bringing fresh faces into your circle in other ways.

You could get a humanitarian effort off the ground soon or dive into a group endeavor of another sort. Luckily, Mercury is moving forward at last, which will help to straighten out career planning, communication with higher-ups and public relations. You could become bossy, especially if someone tests your patience. Try to give people plenty of leeway and remember that they may not share your agenda. You might have to change your strategy with someone so you can save face. Mars is forming awkward angles with Neptune and Pluto, so you might also need to tweak your approach to achieving a goal.

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You could be overthinking it or idealizing it. The new moon in your ambition angle encourages you to set new goals, embark on a fresh chapter in your career, chart a new course that shifts your life direction, change your public image or craft a business plan. Now that Mercury is pivoting forward finally, the big picture should start to come together. Your wanderlust or hunger for new experiences may be thwarted by shifting circumstances, or an inability to concentrate might cut into your productivity. Venus is also tussling with Uranus, calling for you to stay flexible if your workload, health or some inescapable detail threatens to curtail the pleasures of broadening your horizons.

However, your restlessness can push you to overthrow the status quo without a second thought—and that might not be such a bad thing!

Halloween is an astrologically busy day.

Think of the tarot as a master card to this future—one that provides deep insights into your journey through a mystical maze of images, words, colours, symbols and numbers. Let go of the need to play superhuman and create space for the right people to step in. The wait is over: Mercury goes direct on Thursday. Readers can also interact with The Globe on Facebook and Twitter. At any point of time, a warrior has two options: to continue to live a mundane existence or to fight for what they believe.

Mars has his own battles to fight with Neptune and Pluto, so a melancholy mood, a lack of support at home or financial woes can make it harder for you to act with courage and push the boundaries to expand your life. You could talk yourself into or out of doing something now.

However, a new moon prompts you to feed your hunger for adventure, and a big trip, new course of study or entrepreneurial venture could be just around the corner. This is a good lunation for adopting a new philosophy and taking a leap of faith. Plus communicating with someone close to you and spelling out what you need will become less daunting in the days ahead.

You could be zeroing in on an important relationship, endeavor or personal matter, but with the sun in your depth zone fighting Uranus early in the week, an impulse to enjoy the lighter side of life might send you off on a tangent. Just remember that ideals are only achieved through hard work and the willingness to improve. The karmic challenge you face, Virgo , is the quest for an ideal bond in life. A partner who will be on the same page as you always. The one who will make life seem easy, whether in routine or at play.

But to achieve this, you need to first learn to live for yourself.

TAURUS: Prince of Pentacles + 7 of Wands

Live for your dreams. Make yourself your number one priority. Because when you do, you will sooner or later find yourself walking your path with another just like you by your side. But it all starts with focusing on yourself first.

You desire love and camaraderie in life, Libra. Friendship, love, and companionship. And you want to lose yourself in such a relationship. But that is the karmic challenge you face. That is a terrible thing to do.

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Instead, look within and realize that you are an independent woman who can survive perfectly on her own. Because once you own that part of yourself, friendship, love, and companionship will find its way to you. The challenge you face, Scorpio , is your intense need to be the top player in the food chain. You crave power like we crave oxygen. Because the truth is, the only way you can overcome your karmic challenge is by learning to be a part of a team. By sharing your resources and your strengths.

By knowing that your teammate has an equal say in the matters of life and love.

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Remember: Trying to control others will not get you too far in life. Because the only person you can truly control is your own self. You have a happy-go-lucky, optimistic, foot-in-the-mouth personality, Sagittarius. Plus, you are super-lucky! At least most of the time. And the way you can overcome it is by inspiring others to do great things in life. By teaching them, of course! If that sounds like advice you have heard too often in life, then guess what?

So go and touch some minds and hearts! Capricorn, career usually comes first. The truth is, pushing yourself too hard without a break is the surest way to burning out one day and ending up hospitalized. So give yourself a break. Take those much-needed naps and vacations. You are a human being, not a machine. So respect your body just the way you respect your mind.

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Be very intentional about your thoughts. At first glance, the squirrel may not seem like the most ambitious of creatures.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

But when winter comes and everyone else is either starving or sleeping, the squirrel is enjoying the fruits of its labors. So take notice. What have you built that you can benefit from now? Put effort and attention into building up your career. What is your message? You may need to do some travel or exploration so that you can open your mind. A different perspective can help illuminate different ideas. Go for a journey to find your message. It could be a journey through books, or in real life. Take this time to find out what makes you feel alive.

Take all of your energy and direct it inward.

Weekly Horoscope for October 29 - 4 November, 2018 - Gregory Scott Astrology

What digging do you need to do to cleanse? This is a moment for less busyness and more investigation. What are the old feelings, lodged away in the cracks? These need to be dug up and felt fully. Move through the tall grasses of your relationships. Separate out what really matters. Get clear. You need to communicate better. You need to share your truth in a diplomatic but firm way. That clarity will be easy to communicate.