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Please inform me about any new book also. It shall be sent to you. So I appreciate your efforts regarding study of books. Anonymous: I want to be 'Aajivan Bramhachari'. What are the things that I should adopt and what are the things that I need to sacrifice?

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For your kind information I am pure vegetarian, Never adopted smoking and and any alcoholic thing. I need more information from your side regarding the way I should live the life with complete 'Bramhacharya'. But I would like to meet with you first to comment further.

So, please intimate if you can come here. Also intimate your postal address. The book will give you knowledge and guide you a lot. Anonymous: You are great. Arjun had forgotten his moral duty. He was a kshatriya and as per Vedas, his duty was to establish the dharma righteousness- justice and morality etc. To establish the same, the obstacles are to be removed by a kshatriya. Kauravas were the main obstacles in establishing dharma.

Kauravas were destroying the dharma. When the time came to fight against the kauravas, Arjun indulged in Moh attachment with the relatives. He who gets indulged in attachment, illusion etc.

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The God's worship is in Vedas which emanate direct from God, wherein idol worship is not mentioned. But believe me when the draws were out i was among winners. He is targeting a business of Rs 2. If none of the above codes are working for you, then Last Decision is that you should call customer care. Music is by Shankar Jaikishan fake and modified shaligramas. Zameer min Action, Drama 6.

In short, the present Arjun also is required to listen to the Vedic preach wherein he should be taught about moral duties, establishment of justice among public, inculcating dharma, nationality among people. Only then will the illusion of Arjun be removed. Vishwakarma: I want to know that what are the herbs used in Havan Samagri and what in ratio because of that good quality havan samagri are not available some times.

Havan Samagri Four matters are to be mixed to prepare havan samagri, the kinds of which are several: 1. Sweet matter like jaggery, honey etc. Nutritive matters like all pulses, flour, dry fruits, ghee etc.

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Antibiotic like gyol etc. Fragrant matters like guggal, chandan bala etc. Sagar: In bhavishya puraan is there any mention of Mohammad? If so then how he has been portrayed? Manoj Kumar: What is Prana Sadhana? The process of doing Prannayam must first be learnt from an experienced Yogi otherwise may prove harmful. Anonymous: Pranam and charansparsh, Guru ji,your valuable knowledge through books written by you is beyond description.

I received your books when i was at my mothers place, my spouse received it and he read it. Infact both of us do yoga, Yajen and still go to temples thinking that these places of worship reflects great yogis who have realised God.

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My spouse now wants to ask many questions to you. Unlike present day media print and visual which promote biasedness, distorted views on our culture. A Tribute to Hinduism, a wonderful book which deals how our culture of Vedas was destroyed by Muslim invaders, Portugese, and Britishers. What eminent scientist of world talk about Vedas and Geeta. Truth at last should triumph against millenia of falsehood. The wisdom is always blessed by Almighty God through an acharya. So, the knowledge which is written in books is not mine.

It is all with the blessings of my spiritual master and Almighty God. I thank you that you praised the books, my daughter. Yet I shall be more happy if you worship God daily through havan, meditation and His name jaap and studying of the spiritual books which are based on Vedas and enable to get salvation. I mean to say that there are three stages of soul. That is why, Atharvaveda mantra states that books written by men should not be read.

Only the books written by Rishi-Munis, Yogis, Saints who are learned of Vedas and who never tell lie, must be read. I shall also try my level best to try to write book on Hinduism. Next six chapters of Bhagwad Geeta in Hindi presently, I am about to complete tenth chapter. Elaborate book being written on pious cow in Hindi. I hope you have received one of my books- Protect the Holy Cow- say Vedas. If not the same will be sent to you as well. My blessings to you all. You are always welcome, please. So, to get permanent peace one should perform daily hawan with Ved mantras. As regards astrology, the present astrology and navgrah pooja, kaal sarp yoga, teva etc.

So, learned of Vedas do not accept the same. If you have faith on the same, you may go ahead, please. Bipin K. I would be grateful and request you to reply to this.

Suppose one person has good qualities, chants gayatri mantra daily, fulfills commitment towards his family sincerely, is intelleigent, makes regular donations, reads and follows Vedas, is pure vegetarian, has no bad habits like smoking, taking alcohol etc. Whether qualities of mind like intelligence, patience, analytical mind remains same in next birth?

Whether his firm belief of pure vegetarian, non-smoking etc. If I want my certain good qualities which I posses in this birth, can be obtained in next birth. Yes, the person of such good caliber mentioned by you, if could not get salvation then he will get the next birth to face his pious deeds and rest of the bad deeds. But in no case will his pious and religious deeds, as stated by you, go in vain. Samveda mantra clearly states that his Vedic worship of the previous life will stand and he will not have to repeat the worship of his previous life.

Yes, he will believe in God and chant ved mantras automatically due to the pious effect of previous life.

So, God states in the Vedas that human life is blessed to listen and study Vedas and to obey the preach mentioned therein. Because the said worship shall never go in vain as stated above. Why do people not accept Vedas? Because they do not listen to the secret of Vedas. Such gurus have been stating that Vedas are difficult and yajyen will only send you to swarg lok heaven. There are totally false statements according to Vedas. Although we have never spoken much, my gratitude and love towards you have been increased to such an extent that I could not explain to you. I seek your advice on how do I proceed towards reading Vedas and learn Ashtanga Yoga.

So really, you are doing Tapasya as well in family life. As regards studying of Vedas and learning of Ashtang Yoga philosophy, is a moral duty of every human being. So your views are also highly appreciated. Though Vedas are first to be listened from an acharya yet you have been listening the Vedas for long and can study the same.


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However, first of all you must take advice and learn yoga philosophy slowly for which you must plan to come over here when time suits you. Fundamental laws of nature though cannot be changed, where it is mentioned to contact the acharya again and again but still if you will be able to come here even within two months to learn the spiritualism, that will be enough. My blessings are always with you and your family. Public Notice inviting comment of stakeholders on draft guidelines 2. Relocation of Copyright Office 3. Notice Dated 4. Copyright Societies.

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