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Neptune Rhapsody By Donna Woodwell

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A mediocre relationship could never become a soul mate. After exploring ancient and modern astrological, magical, and mystical practices for more than twenty-five years, today she uses this wisdom to help folks discover—and live—their unique genius. As the week reaches its end, finding the breath to have a conversation instead of an argument will flow through the collective. You know what you love in this world is under the same starry heavens. Have the tides of cosmic energy swept change into your life, or do you sense a shift in the current? The ancients used sound vibration to facilitate healing in the mystery schools.

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Astrological Society of Austin — April 15th, Monthly Meeting This month Neptune, lord of oceans and earthquakes, slips into Pisces for the first time since My location. Some of the most popular courses, Mercado said, are photography, art and Spanish language.

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Class sizes range from eight to 60 students. Informal classes do not require instructors to have teaching degrees or certification. Instead, adults can submit a course proposal on any topic they want to teach.

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Donna Woodwell, who teaches beginner astrology and tarot classes, said she appreciates the wide range of courses available. Twenty years ago, Woodwell took tarot and astrology informal classes as a UT Latin American studies and journalism graduate student. She said they led her to develop a deeper interest in astrology.

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After working in fundraising for a decade, she decided to spend her time doing what she enjoys, she said. In addition to her work as an instructor, Woodwell is an astrologer at her consulting practice at Four Moons Astrology and founded the Astrological Society of Austin in May Woodwell said she is amazed her UT informal class experience has come full circle.

Julie Latcham — UT alumna, photographer and blogger — said she took a four-day digital photography class for beginners last summer, during which she brushed up on the basics of photography and strengthened her skill foundation.