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Upside-down convictions will turn to fit a healthy life path over time. The Sabian symbol for Capricorn representatives born on December 30th in two years preceding a leap year:.

The Sabian symbol for Capricorn representatives born on December 30th in a leap year and a year following it:. We can clearly see that the importance of faith and their path of self-discovery leads them towards the beauty of Venus, the one from Libra that sings, dances, and plays a complicated instrument. Knowledge gives them wings to fly, and provokes the sound of joy and beauty coloring their lives every day. The purpose in lives of those born on the 30th of December is to find beauty in life, their way of artistic expression, and gratitude for the way things are at each moment.

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It speaks of their desire to love, the tendency to connect and feel inspired by achievements and energies of others, and emotional contacts they are trying to establish in their lifetime. Their story is one of Saturn's exaltation in Libra, where they see how hard work and solid boundaries make each relationship in their life healthy, structured, and supported by time instead of getting spent by it.

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During the next few weeks, take a good, hard look at your current realities. Some struggle, trial and error will govern parts of their love life but in the end everything will be worth it. You seem to be driven by the idea of success. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. The stars will make you question relationship status and love life. When in doubt, steer clear of making any hard-to-undo decisions, even though this full moon is pushing for them. You lead an active lifestyle, but you also love to exercise.

First relationships they form might serve their Soul to evoke change and could be bruising and difficult in a way, shaking the ground beneath their feet or questioning their positive beliefs and faith in love in general. With time, their task is to see the beauty beyond mistrust, faithfulness or betrayal of any kind, and to reach the point where each bond in their life has a purpose, just as it is.

This makes them vulnerable to manipulation, especially one including sexuality and seduction with no real intention to make the physical contact real. They need a partner who will speak and act coherently, someone they can trust, and a person to not leave things unfinished, lingering in the air, or unclear in any way.

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A person born on December 30th excels as a student and teacher, psychologist and someone who assesses and follows human behavior. They understand the cycle of life and death in ways that others might see as spooky, even their own inner judgment, and need time to build their personality to full potential. They excel in loans, banking and stocks, but do even better in shamanism, energetic work, in touch with nature, preservation of species and countries that need health care, water, and education.

It creates room for spirit guidance and better understanding of the process they are a part of, and helps them see where their personal position is even when things get chaotic in their life and their relationships. It is a strong grounding stone, creating opportunities to reconnect with Mother Earth and all those natural cycles that explain our human world just as much as that of less aware beings.

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Every birthday of a person born on December 30th is a special opportunity for a new personal cycle and although they might be uninterested in gifts and celebrations, their need for change becomes strong at this time. They want presents to take them towards something new, round up their processes, meet them with past life experiences and healings that will change their life.

Depending on their skepticism, weigh your options carefully and pay for their bioenergetics or acupuncture treatment, or simply take them into the woods, to the living, breathing volcano, or a secluded place where they will come in touch with Nature. Deeply functional, honest and in search for the truth, they are missionaries with a cause to make this world a better place, and see the purpose in facing our shadows and painful issues to rise, evolve and transform into better people.

During this lunation, your external experiences are fused with your emotional reflection, so the truth will catapult you forward. Moving on to the fun stuff, your birthday season comes early this year! Just a few days after the Full Moon in Aquarius, planets will begin moving into your domain: Mars enters Virgo on August 18, Venus joins on August 21, and finally the Sun cruises into your sign on August Anything can happen!

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Finally, the month concludes with even more Virgo energy. On August 29, Mercury, your planetary ruler, dips into your sign, enabling you to express yourself with ease. The following day, on August 30, the Moon also enters Virgo, creating a powerful New Moon in your sign.

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Make it count by setting energetically-charged intentions for the year ahead. Consider attending a New Moon ceremony, or simply light a few candles, focus on your thoughts, and write your wishes in a special notebook. You can be magical and practical at the same time!

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